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Seller: Terry Schaefer
Lot# 480 Sold Price $125.00 Sold Price: $125.00
Head Count 60 Feeder Steers
Base Weight: 875 lbs
No. of Loads:

Delivery Date Range: 10/01/2016 - 10/10/2016
Crossing Point:
Origin: Purchased Northern MN
Current Location: Cakato, MN; 30 mi S of St. Cloud Minnesota
Flesh: Medium

Estimated Weight Variance: Uneven
Feed: Native grass (rotational) and mineral.
Vaccinations: MLV 4 Way, 7 Way, Pasturella at turnout.
Breed Type: English and Exotic X. Approx 15% to 85% black, balance red and yellow.
General Comments: Knife Cut. Sort 62 from 70 to 75 head. Purchased as light calves, turned out in May. No Dairy cross.
Representative: Mike Bottin, Phone: 507-642-8442 Email: