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Seller: Babbitt Ranches, LLC.
Lot# 707 Notice: Undefined index: auctionid in /home/customer/www/ on line 237 Sold Price $140.50 Sold Price: $140.50
Head Count 540 Weaned Steer Calves
Base Weight: 530 lbs
Slide: 15¢
No. of Loads:

Delivery Date Range: 12/20/2016 - 1/10/2017
Crossing Point:
Origin: Home Raised
Current Location: Spider Web Ranch; 20 mi. N of Flagstaff Arizona
Flesh: Light Medium

Estimated Weight Variance: Uneven
Feed: Weaned on native grass and supplemented with 2# cake and 2# corn syrup per day.
Vaccinations: Branding shots: 7-Way, Pyramid 5 plus Presponce. Weaning Shots: Titanium 5 plus PH-M and Pasturella, Wormed with Pour-on
Breed Type: Out of reputation Hereford cows sired by Zero Hereford Ranch and Chamberlin Black Angus bulls. Appx 80% Hereford, 20% Black/BWF.
General Comments: Buyer of the "A" Lot has option to purchase the "B" and "C" Lots at same price. Owner Certified Natural. Excellent set of reputaion, hard-weaned steers with good condition ready for grass or wheat. Buyer has the oppsition to choose delivery month.
Representative: Clay Parsons, Phone: 520-444-7650 Email:
Representative: Ray Turley, Phone: 928-243-1054 Email: