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Seller: Pinyon Mesa Livestock
Lot# PH120116-D Sold Price $144.00 Sold Price: $144.00
Head Count 123 Feeder Steers
Base Weight: 675 lbs
No. of Loads:

Delivery Date Range: Immediate
Crossing Point:
Origin: Home Raised - Multiple Family Brands
Current Location: Clifton, CO which is 235 mi. W of Denver, Colorado
Flesh: Med / Med Hvy

Estimated Weight Variance: Uneven
Feed: Mountain high country pasture and long stem hay.
Vaccinations: 4-Way BRSV, 7-Way in spring with boosters. Booster again in the fall, plus One Shot Pasturella, 2-4 weeks before delivery.
Breed Type: Out of Angus Cross, Red Angus/Hereford Cross & Char Cross cows sired by Angus & Red Angus bulls.
General Comments: Owner Certified Natural. Excellent weighing conditions, Family owned operation of 40 years with one ranch-raised herd of cattle with 5-6 family brands.
Representative: Tim Claypoole, Phone: 970-261-7373 Email: