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Seller: Mike Lofton
Lot# 218 Sold Price $143.75 Sold Price: $143.75
Head Count 80 Feeder Heifers
Base Weight: 600 lbs
Slide: 12¢
No. of Loads:

Delivery Date Range: Immediate
Crossing Point:
Origin: Purchased - 2 local ranches
Current Location: Williamson Valley; 25 mi NW of Prescott Arizona
Flesh: Light

Estimated Weight Variance: Uneven
Feed: Very short native grass, running on forest allotment.
Vaccinations: Vac 34 on delivery plus Miultimin, wormer.
Breed Type: Predominately Angus, Angus Hereford cross with a few Angus Brangus cross. Purchased from Diamond 2 Ranches and Bar Triangle Ranch.
General Comments: Very thin fleshed, thrifty and strong set of light yearling heifers. Running on very short feed conditions, cattle will do it all.
Representative: Randy Baxley, Phone: 559-906-9760 Email: